Coming off their 2019 tour, which marked their 25th anniversary and served to promote their latest full-length Blood, Collective Soul wasted no time getting back into the studio for their 2020 four-track EP titled Half & Half.  The EP is a short and sweet taste of classic Collective Soul originals split with two never recorded tributes to R.E.M. and Neil Young. 

As avid fans of vinyl, Collective Soul initially offered the EP as a limited edition 45 rpm/180g vinyl release as part of an exclusive for Record Store Day on June 20. Now, the EP is available on streaming platforms and YouTube.

R.E.M., also a Georgia native band, Collective Soul always had a special connection to their music, leading them to create their own version of the R.E.M. hit “The One I Love,” for Half & Half.  A groovy revamp of Neil Young’s “Opera Star” made its way onto the EP as well. 

“We grew up in Georgia so R.E.M. was a big influence on us,” Turpin shared.  “I remember being a teen and being so proud of R.E.M. because they were from Athens, which is just an hour east of us, so they were always a big deal to us.  And we started playing that song live and it was a really fun cover to do.  The Neil Young tune-we’re just big fans and we wanted to do something fun in the studio, something different for our fans.  We haven’t done a whole lot of recorded covers in our career so we just decided to make that part of Half & Half.”

Half & Half tracklist (Digital)

  1. Opera Star (by Neil Young and Crazy Horse)
  2. Let Het Out
  3. Back Again
  4. The One I Love (by R.E.M)
  5. Smile (Bonus Track)

Listen now to “Half & Half” at https://cs.ffm.to/halfandhalf